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Shelf manufacturing problem

Shelf manufacturers need to pay attention to the problem
In the current competition in the shelf industry, many shelf manufacturers have caused many problems in order to catch up.
The following points are often overlooked by shelf manufacturers:

1. Humanization In the process of manufacturing shelf manufacturers, humanization can not affect the utilization of space, but it directly affects the sales volume of goods. The humanized shelf structure can experience the needs and concepts of customers, such as C and D. The supermarkets of the two supermarkets and C supermarkets are very beautiful and considering the experience of the customers. The shelves of the D supermarkets are generally shelf-oriented. Under the same conditions, the sales of the C supermarkets are much larger than those of the D supermarkets. In the process of manufacturing the shelves, we must consider the aesthetics of the shelves, especially the appearance of the structure needs to be carefully designed; in addition, the shelf structure manufactured by the shelf manufacturers must also conform to the human body structure, from the beginning to the end to be people-oriented.

2. Safety When choosing the shelf design material and design structure, we need to fully understand where the shelf is used. Only the goods that understand the shelf service can make a suitable and safe shelf. The safety of the shelf is directly related to the safety of the customer's life and the safety of the goods. In the manufacturing process, we must choose light shelves, medium-sized shelves or heavy-duty shelves according to the different goods. If there are special needs, we must also consider the anti-shock effect of the shelves. There is no safest shelf, but the most suitable shelves.

Nowadays, the use of various shelves is very extensive, not only for large shopping malls, convenience stores, clothing stores, etc., but also need to be used.


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