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China has signed air transport agreements with 62 countries along the Belt and Road Initiative

     The reporter learned from the press conference held by the Civil Aviation Administration of China in Beijing on the 10th that China has signed bilateral inter-governmental air transport agreements with 125 countries and regions.

     Among them, 62 countries along the “Belt and Road” signed a bilateral intergovernmental air transport agreement and signed the first regional air transport agreement with ASEAN. Held bilateral air talks with Russia, Armenia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Israel, Mongolia, Malaysia, Egypt and other countries along the route and expanded their air rights arrangements.

     Zhang Qing, deputy inspector of the Development Planning Department of the Civil Aviation Administration, said that since the "One Belt, One Road" initiative was put forward, China's civil aviation has given full play to the basic guiding role, focusing on improving the level of interconnection, promoting infrastructure docking, expanding the cooperation platform for civil aviation, and strengthening the countries along the route. Cooperation and other aspects of efforts, integration of resources, multi-pronged measures, and coordinated advancement, formed a good situation for the civil aviation industry to jointly promote the "Belt and Road" construction.

     Zhang Qing stressed that as of now, China has achieved direct flights with 45 countries along the route, with about 5,100 flights per week.

     In the summer and autumn season of 2018, a total of 29 Chinese airlines operated round-trip regular routes from 81 countries in China to the “Belt and Road” countries, with 2,849 classes per week, of which 2,751 passengers and 98 freight cars; at the same time, 37 in total The 90 airlines in the countries along the “Belt and Road” operate from 84 foreign cities to scheduled flights in 52 domestic cities, with more than 2,346 flights per week, including 2,204 passengers and 142 freight.

     In recent years, China's civil aviation has continuously deepened the level of cooperation with countries along the line, expanded the scope of cooperation, and enriched the content of cooperation. Provide professional training for countries in Central Asia, Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions, including aviation safety, traffic management, airport management, flight standards, safety and security, aviation meteorology and other fields. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on China-ASEAN Aviation Safety Accident/Event Investigation Cooperation with the 10 ASEAN countries, and strengthened aviation safety technology cooperation and exchange between China Civil Aviation and ASEAN.

     China Civil Aviation has also signed documents to strengthen comprehensive civil aviation cooperation with a number of countries and regions along the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Australia.

     Zhang Qing said that in the next step, China's civil aviation will continue to play an important supporting role for civil aviation in interconnection and the role of bridges in economic and trade exchanges and cultural exchanges. In accordance with the principles of internal and external planning, coordinated promotion, market operation, and mutual benefit and win-win development, Focus on four aspects:

     First, continue to do a good job in the preparation of the strategic plan for the international aviation hub.

    The second is to further improve the level of civil aviation interconnection between countries along the route.

   The third is to expand the platform and mechanism for establishing comprehensive cooperation in regional civil aviation. Vigorously promote the ability of China's airport design, construction, operation management and air traffic control technology, standards, products, services, etc. to export to countries along the line, and continue to enhance exchanges and cooperation with countries along the line in professional personnel training, industry management and other aspects.

     The fourth is to create more convenient conditions for regional civil aviation cooperation and development.


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